The Exchange building and its history

The Coal Exchange was built between 1883 and 1886 to the designs of James, Seward and Thomas. It was here that Cardiff’s leading businessmen-owners of shipping firms, coal mines and of allied businesses met to fix their deals, some with far distant countries. Cardiff, which half a century before had been a market town of 10,000 people with a small coastal trade, had become a commercial centre of importance on the world’s stage.


The first recorded million-pound business deal was struck in The Coal Exchange.

The millionaires have long since turned to dust but The Coal Exchange remains in all its architectural glory. Paired Corinthian columns, an oak balcony, and rich wood paneling adorn the trading hall, which was magnificently reconstructed by Edwin Seward in 1911.


The Coal Exchange is now a family led business. The wide experience and professionalism of the staff lies behind a refreshingly friendly and informal approach, launched from a platform of enthusiasm and a genuine desire to please. Frequent endorsements and the extremely high incidence of repeat bookings are testament to our ability to deliver in a personalised, involved manner without sacrificing service levels to a high quality threshold.